Document Sign & Send App Reviews

Save your money

It doesn't work. You can download a form from the internet but you can't fill it out. So, that makes the app worthless and a waste of money.

Piece of crap

I don't how Apple sells this kind of crap on their App Store, totally worthless!

Really works great!!

The full concept of the app is brilliant as well as very helpful, the app really works great! I can sign document using my finger or saved signature, I can easily open document form email attachment, the app allows to syncing file with different cloud services. I will recommend the app to all my friends.

Horrible app, don't purchase.

Typos within the app aside, the interface is clunky at best. I tried to download a document from the web, but the display was locked vertically and the keyboard was popping up horizontally, blocking the address bar in some silly crisscross mess. Then I stumbled into the fax option on accident and there was no way to back out of this option. I had to restart my iPad and start over with my document signing and emailing. This app needs some serious overhaul. One star at best.

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